Introducing #PuraPleasures


Here at Pura, we’re not impartial to a sweet treat. Most people have a sweet tooth, and being on a Pura macronutrient counted meal plan, there isn’t really much room for sweets and chocolates if you’re serious about reaching your health and fitness goals.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with a solution!

Every Thursday, we’ll share some quick recipes for healthy treats, which you can make on your own and enjoy over the weekend!

We’re calling the weekend treats – ‘Pura Pleasures’.

As the recipes are coming from us, you can rest assured that they won’t have a negative impact on the hard work you’ve been putting in in the gym and with your Pura meals all week!

When you’ve made these recipes, be sure to take pictures and if you’re on Instagram, be tag us in your posts [@pura_gym_food] and use the hashtag #PuraPleasures!

Check back this Thursday for the first recipe!


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