The Benefits of Eating Smaller Meals More Regularly

For most people, eating occurs three times a day at 4-6 hour intervals. This was the way majority of us were brought up to eat, if you think about the structure you had growing up at home and at school. However, studies have shown that this approach is somewhat questionable.

It has been said that eating 3 times a day causes people to eat larger meals. This is often as a consequence of hunger between meals, which subsequently leads to overeating. These larger meals are also harder for the body to process, particularly at night time and can easily push you over your recommended daily calories.

One option, which has been long been championed to combat overeating, is having 4 or 5 smaller meals at shorter intervals. Indeed, this is the approach which we offer as part of our Pura macronutrient counted meal plans. Eating smaller meals, more often helps to stave off hunger, whilst it’s also better for the body – which can only process small amounts of protein at a time.

Some of the benefits of this approach come down to mere biology. After a few hours without food, our blood sugar begins to fall. At around the 4 hour mark our bodies have digested whatever we ate earlier, so once we get to the 5 hour mark and blood sugar is heavily depleted, we’re inclined to grab whatever we can to refuel – whether healthy or not.dsc_0078

As such, this eating timetable is often recommended for people who want to lose weight, which is one of the reasons why people who commit to Pura meal plans often see great results.

At the end of the day however, this approach may not be for everyone. For some, having the time to eat 4 or more meals may be a challenge, particularly in work environments where employees are given a specific amount of time within which to eat . In addition to this, there is the pressure of finding time to cook all these meals.

This is where Pura can be a huge help. With food delivered fresh to your home or office daily, you can feel the benefits of eating smaller portions more often, without the hassle the of cooking.

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