#MeetThePT – Kevin Cooper

This week’s Meet the PT blog saw us chat with Kevin Cooper, Operations Manager and Personal Trainer from Pinnacle Performance.

About Yourself

Kevin Cooper

Describe yourself in 3 words
Meticulous, attentive and understanding

Fun fact about you
I’m a super private person. I really like to keep to myself, although I’m very open to trying and experiencing new things

How did you get into health and fitness?
I’m from a cycling background, I started cycling in around 1994 – road cycling in particular. I’ve always enjoyed the activity side of things, as I’ve always been into sports since I was in school, and since then I’ve just transitioned into different disciplines. I started doing more weight training and resistance oriented things.

What areas do you specialise in?
I’d say I focus more on the psychology of training and the mindset. I really enjoy finding out why people start their journey in the first place. I specialise in getting an understanding of who I have in front of me, why they’re there, what’s brought them there and just the whole background behind it.file-03-03-2017-09-57-11

We all get caught up in people lifting certain things and pushing this and looking a certain way – but we never really know why. We never really understand what brought them here. Is it for yourself or did someone comment on something and you want to prove them wrong.

Why do you love your job?
The biggest thing for me is that I love it because it’s not a job. That’s the fundamental fact that I like to reiterate, as it’s really not a job for me – it’s passion.

What’s your top overall health tip?
Longevity – we’re in this game for feeling good, not just looking good. A big factor for me is how can you feel good and how long can you feel good for.

What’s your motto?
My motto is nice and simple: Just be real. Be who you are. Don’t say you’re going to do something and post it all over Facebook and Instagram – just go get out there and do it! Enjoy the journey, enjoy the presence.


What’s your biggest tip for anyone new to working out?
Take it slow. The key is to try and remain injury free. Then you can start lifting heavier gradually and start enjoying the process more and that’s where the key lies.

What’s your top exercise tip?
Don’t ego lift – that’s very important! Don’t throw excessive weight around when you don’t need to – be wise. When it’s a day to lift heavy, enjoy it but don’t unnecessarily throw it around because you want longevity.

What’s your favourite exercise?
I love shrugs! For me developing my upper back was quite intriguing and from then I just started getting much more involved in trap work and the details of the back.

What are your 3 essential gym songs?
I couldn’t give you just three, but overall I’m a big deep house fan. I also like a bit of minimal techno. Some days I listen to some darker hip-hop, so I’d say it’s generally a play up between those three genres.

What annoys you in the gym?
Selfies! Gym selfies! The mirrors are there to check form and safety, not so much for Instagram!


What’s usually in your fridge?
It used to be fresh produce, until the blessing of Pura came along, and it’s been an absolute blessing! My fridge is actually looking very dismal at this stage, so the times when there is something in there, it’s usually just Pura, maybe some honey, maybe a few fizzy drinks!pura-6

What’s your best nutrition tip?
Find out what works for you, don’t think of food and nutrition as a chore. Enjoy your food if possible. Sometimes we associate a certain goal with certain foods, so if you’re on a diet you can only eat unflavoured chicken, but that’s not the case.

Get your base protocols in place and just see what works for you.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Crisps – salt and vinegar flavour! Bad news, absolutely bad news, they’re definitely my vice. Not too good for your mid-section


How did you find out about Pura?
I found out about Pura when it initially started, when Gavin and Kelvin were initially thinking about the idea. I remember when our food was actually delivered in brown bags, with basic Tupperware!

dsc_0270-minWhy would you recommend Pura to your clients?
The freedom of not having to cook and spend time preparing your meals. It makes a big difference, definitely in terms of time. It gives you a bit more family time, more personal time. Not having to worry about preparation of food is essential.

What kind of results have you seen since joining Pura?
It’s completely changed how I feel, in terms of things like digestion, energy levels, cleanliness of food. It’s been a real big blessing, as every day I know the quality is on point.

In terms of body structure, composition and fat – I’ve definitely seen and felt changes also.

Describe Pura in 3 words
Purity, cleanliness of food, macro-specific

Follow and contact Kevin on Instagram: @kevin_pinnacledxb



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