The Importance of Hydration

When it comes to healthy living, many people’s focus on getting active and what they’re going to add or take out of their diet. An aspect which can often be overlooked however is hydration. Yes, you drink water while you’re putting a shift in on the treadmill or in between reps, but are you drinking enough water regularly throughout the day at work?

The_girl_at_the_gym_drinking_water_094943_-600x375Without staying sufficiently hydrated, your cells may get congested, your skin won’t be able to detox, and your bladder and kidneys will struggle to work properly. On top of this, you’ll feel very tired and you’ll find yourself eating more – something which you should avoiding if you’re on a macronutrient counted meal plan!

It’s simple – drinking enough fluids and staying hydrated is crucial for staying healthy and maintaining the function of bodily systems, including your heart, brain, and muscles. Staying well hydrated is also especially important in a climate like the one we experience here in the UAE.

Where do I get my hydration from?
Hydration can come from any beverage, hot or cold, but the best source is definitely water. Soft drinks may taste great, to those with a sweet tooth, and although they will hydrate you they won’t do so as well as water and there are also a number of negative aspects attached to them.

pexels-photo-113734Water however, offers numerous health benefits including it’s ability to prevent high cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure whilst studies have also shown that adding more water to your diet can assist in weight loss efforts.

How much do I need to drink?
The next question when it comes to staying hydrated is – how much is enough? The answer to this isn’t simple, however a general rule of thumb is around 2.5 litres a day for women and approximately 3 litres for men. This isn’t a concrete rule however, as other factors can influence how much water you need, including age, weight and activity level.

Your water intake should be evenly spaced out throughout the day for the best impact, however during times of peak physical activity, this will naturally increase. There are also many apps which can help you gauge how much water you need, whilst they can also help you keep track of your intake.

Water should also be consumed before meals, as this is a tactic which can help you manage your food intake, whilst it is also advisable to have a glass of water with your meal!Photo 05-04-2017, 12 05 59

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