Meet The PT – Mark Sumner

This week we sat down with B2B Fitness’ very own Mark Sumner for our weekly Meet The PT posts. Find out how Mark got started out in personal training, what motivates him and more!

Mark Sumner

Describe Yourself In 3 Words
Brutally honest, optimistic and dedicated

Fun Fact About You
I can walk upwards of 15 miles with the equivalent weight of a fully grown man on my back!

How Did You Get Into Health & Fitness
My father was a Physical Training Instructor and Self Defence coach in the UK, I grew up looking up to him and aspiring to be physically strong, healthy and capable to do my job which then led me to becoming a Royal Marines Commando.

What Areas Do You Specialise In
I’m a Crossfit level 1 trainer and I’ve adapted the methods you see in the big box gyms which enables me to bring that type of training to peoples homes/gyms when they might not have specific equipment. I’m a massive advocate of kettle bells too!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 14.00.19Why Do You Love Your Job
Having the flexible lifestyle of being able to fully focus on each individual client whilst still being able to grow and develop in your own health, fitness and life goals.

What’s Your Top Overall Health Tip?
Invest in yourself. Whether its time or money – Do something that’s going to make you a better person this time next week (A haircut doesn’t count!)

What’s Your Motto?
Don’t quit, don’t quit… DON’T QUIT.

What’s Your Biggest Tip For Anyone New To Working Out?
MASTER THE BASICS. If you can’t squat without buckling your knees or able to do a solid set of press ups – then you’re sure as hell not lifting anything significantly heavy until that you can. Movement is key!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 13.59.37What’s Your Top Exercise Tip?
Mind to Muscle. Before you perform any lift or exercise, you need to go through a process in your head that puts your full attention on the movement at hand and you put 110% effort into each rep – eventually this process will become second nature and you’ll do it subconsciously. It’s great work to ensure correct movement through using the right muscle groups!

What’s Your Favourite Exercise?
The Pull up

What Are Your 3 Essential Gym Songs?
Stormzy – Cold, Kano – 3 wheels up, Dizzee Rascal – I Luv u (I love UK grime music!)

What Annoys You In The Gym?
People who half arse it, you come in to TRAIN HARD… not to bicep curl the equivalent of a milk carton while you’re on the phone to your mum!

What’s Usually In Your Fridge?

Chicken, eggs and some form of green veg!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 14.06.17What’s Your Best Nutrition Tip?
Track your food. It’s primary that you know what is going into your body and what it is doing for you. This way its easy to make adjustments depending on your goals.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Five Guys!!

How Did You Find Out About Pura?

Through training at one of the leading Gyms in Dubai. I noticed the majority of the guys who were the leanest and most natural looking were all carrying around the green Pura bags!

17359146_1844461319166808_3284128171188716019_oWhy Would You Recommend Pura To Your Clients?
It takes out the hard work of working out your Nutritional Needs and not to mention the convenience of the service – it saves time!

What Kind Of Results Have You Seen Since Joining Pura?
I’m now the leanest I have ever been along with maintaining all of my muscle mass and strength.

Describe Pura In 3 Words:
Convenient, Specific, Economic

Contact and Follow Mark On Instagram: @MarkSumner

For more information on B2B Fitness, click here


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