The Pura Post Workout Food Guide

Replenishing your body after a workout is essential for reaching your fitness goals and ensuring you have enough energy to last throughout the day.

During exercise, the body taps into the fuel stored in muscles known as glycogen for its energy source. After an intense workout, glycogen stores are depleted, so consuming  a meal which is high in both protein and carbohydrates is essential for refilling energy stores, building and repairing muscle and keeping metabolism strong.

With that in mind, here are a 5 great foods to consider for your post workout feed:

As mentioned in the Pura pre-workout food guide, eggs are a great source of protein which is crucial for both muscle growth and recovery. They’re also a good natural source of vitamin D, which has benefits for bone growth, weight loss and the immune system. Pair eggs with some wholegrain bread to get the best of both protein and carbohydrates.

For those who work out in the morning, research has found that people who consume eggs for breakfast eat 22% fewer calories for lunch and for their other meals throughout the day.

fruits-grocery-bananas-marketFruit (Specifically Oranges or Bananas)
Fruits offer a plethora of benefits, but oranges and bananas in particular provide great post-workout nutrition. Both are a good source of carbs, with oranges providing a vital dose of vitamin C, which is essential for the immune system, whilst they are also a good hydration source. Bananas meanwhile provide fast acting carbohydrates which help to restore glycogen levels.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 16.55.01Salmon
Salmon is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, as its high in Omega3, protein and B vitamins, as well as offering numerous other benefits. Omega3 helps to reduce post-workout muscle inflammation, which can often cause soreness, whilst research has also suggested it helps to boost fat burn.

pexels-photo-89247Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes provide a healthy dose of carbohydrates, while they are also a useful source for a wide range of vitamins and nutrients including vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin D, magnesium and potassium. The complex carbohydrates stored in sweet potato, make it excellent for restoring glycogen levels.

Avocado is high in good fats and a variety of vitamins, making it one of the most popular superfoods on the planer. Studies have shown that people who eat meals which include avocado feel 23% more full and satisfied than those who don’t. The healthy fats contained in avocado are also useful for supporting joint function, a crucial element for gym and workout longevity.

Although the timing of the post workout feel doesn’t need to be exact, it is often recommended that your meal should be consumed within 45 minutes of completion. If you’ve consumed a solid, nutritional meal before however, the benefits of this may still apply after your session.

For information on our Pura macronutrient counted meal plans, click here


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