Meet the PT – Nyma Peracha

About yourself:

Nyma Peracha

Describe yourself in 3 words
Extrovert, Positive and Motivated

Fun fact about you
I am obsessed with Googling things

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 14.55.10How did you get into health and fitness?
Growing up I was also a Gym-goer and was active. However it wasn’t until I worked in the Media industry 6 years back that I felt it was resulting in a real decline in my health and how I looked. One of my clients I worked with whilst in publishing was a fabulous active wear brand called Lorna Jane available here in Dubai. The more I worked with that brand the more I realised how fitness can be fun and is a community. I decided to take a Personal Training course and once I was certified I never looked back again!

What areas do you specialise in?
I specialise in Circuit Training
using both free weights and machines which is a great style for FAT LOSS and LEAN MUSCLE GAIN!

Why do you love your job?
I love seeing clients progress in their fitness journeys and seeing all the fabulous results.
Most of all I love seeing how being fitter makes people so much happier in their own skin!

What’s your top overall health tip?
Be fit and healthy for yourself and for no one else. Training is important but always remember that NUTRITION is 80% of changing your body.

What’s your motto?
Be the Best Version of YOURSELF!


What’s your biggest tip for anyone new to working out?
Never train solely for a particular event. Many people I meet often tell me “ I want to be a size zero by my wedding day”. That is all well and good and of course a personal choice. However, I always encourage individuals to find a training program that they will enjoy and stick to and then include and incorporate that into their daily lifestyle. Fitness is not a FAD it should be a way of life!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 15.00.03What’s your top exercise tip?
Never skip a gym session!
Even on days when you are feeling low, tired, lazy or demotivated. I am human and often have days where I don’t feel I have the energy to train myself. But my rule of thumb which has worked a charm up until now is….. I always get to the gym and tell myself I will do as little as 10 minutes, once I am warmed up I always end up smashing my sessions!

What’s your favourite exercise?
Anyone who knows me personally or via my social media will know I am an absolute sucker for #legday and my absolute favourite exercise has got to be weighted squats.

What are your 3 essential gym songs?
My all-time favourite motivational gym songs which are always on my GYM PLAYLIST have got to be:
Eminem – Lose Yourself
Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger
DJ Khaled – All I do is WIN

What annoys you in the gym?
I generally love training in a busy pumped environment. However one thing I will say that annoys me is when people use equipment in the gym and don’t place them back where they are meant to be. It’s not a biggie but it means having to walk around the whole gym floor to find what you need!


What’s usually in your fridge?
Well if you open my fridge you will always find my Pura meal prep all stacked and ready to go! In addition to that the staple items in my fridge are always:

  • Unsweetened Almond Milk by Alpro
  • Fresh berries
  • Protein Bread from Modern Bakery
  • French Vanilla Coffee Mate liquid creamer (yes I know not the healthiest but definitely my guilt pleasure!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 15.01.59What’s your best nutrition tip?
Create a eating plan whereby you eat clean 80% of the time and can indulge 20% of the time
. Don’t think of eating right as a short term interim thing and name it a DIET. Incorporate foods you love in their healthiest form possible to enable you to sustain this way of eating for the foreseeable future.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure are definitely French Fries and anything chocolate!


How did you find out about Pura?
Through their social media and via the café at Train SF where I work out.

Why would you recommend Pura to your clients?
Because as well as it calculating your macros for you and keeping you on track, the food is wholesome, clean and unprocessed which I love. Remember you are what you eat!

What kind of results have you seen since joining Pura?
I feel far more energised during my training. My skin, hair and nails seem to be embracing the nutrition from the foods really well.

Describe Pura in 3 words
Clean, wholesome and hassle-free

Follow and contact Nyma on Instagram: @n_personaltrainer

For more information on Be More Fitness, visit:


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