The Pura Holiday Nutrition Guide

Holidays – What’s not to love? Time away from the daily grind to see and experience new cultures, relax by the beach or spend quality time with family and friends. When we’re on holiday, routine is often sacrificed for pleasure, which means the gym, healthy eating and the meal plan can go out the window for a couple of days.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are a few ways you can still make the most of your holiday, without straying too far away from your routine back home:

Make Smart Meal Choices
Reading menus ahead of time may sound tedious, but not only will it make ordering
faster, it’ll also help you pick better meals. You’ll be able to identify meals which may fit into your existing diet, and you’ll already have what you’re going to order in your head. This should prevent panic ordering in the restaurant when your friends have already chosen what they want and you’re asking the waiter how many calories are in the salmon pasta.

barbecue-meat-grill-fire-69056Make Smart Swaps
Swapping the creamy mashed potatoes which come with the steak for green vegetables can make a whole lot of difference. Just because you’re being disciplined doesn’t mean you can’t eat nice things! When you’re on holiday you do have the freedom to eat what you wish, but consider simple things such as exchanging the fried dishes for their grilled or baked counterparts.

food-healthy-vegetables-potatoesGrocery Shop
You’re on holiday, you’re staying in a nice hotel, why would you grocery shop? Well, it can be tricky getting enough fruit in particular on holiday, so stocking the minibar fridge with apples and other fruits will do you no harm. Eating out for a long period of time is also costly, so if your hotel has cooking facilities to hand, pick up some of your healthy home favourites and eat in a couple of times while you’re away.

pexels-photo-103676Beware of Table Munchies
This goes for eating out on holiday and at home. Restaurants often provide a seemingly endless supply of bread or carb heavy, calorie dense nibbles as you await your meal. These munchies are unnecessary added calories and can fill you up well before your meal. Try and avoid them, opting for a healthier appetizer or just waiting for your main course instead. If you can’t fight the holiday urge to indulge, opt for the wholemeal bread, and skip the butter.

Don’t Stress
Trying to remain healthy and pick out the best options from the menu shouldn’t ruin your trip. At the end of the day, you should actively try to make the best food choices, but if you do over indulge don’t beat yourself up for it. When you get back home, get back in the gym, reorder your meal plan and pick up where you left off.


Want to get back in shape and routine after a great holiday? Get in touch with us and you’re personalised macro meal plan could be at your door the day you get back!


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